When you have booked

When you have booked

After receving your booking, we e-mail you the confirmation and when we have received the first payment, we also e-mail the Instruction of the apartment (this, not for Airbnb guests).


NB! Print out the instruction and bring it with you when coming!

To be able to study the website in the apartment, please bring your computer/smartphone, printouts are not available in the apartment.

. . . . .

If something would break or cause you any problem, please inform us immediately we want you and the renter (directly after you) to be as satisfied as possible.

Thank you for ringing our doorbell, giving us a call, either sending a text message or an e-mail.

Marianne Wetterek Eng

Björkängsvägen 31, SE-565 32 Mullsjö Sweden

Mobile +46 70-248 07 24 (reserve Torbjörn Eng +46 70-590 39 28)

E-mail: marianne.wetterek.eng@arctitex.com


(night time, 22:00--08:00 limited availability)