Mullsjö & ambient

Mullsjö & ambient

Our village is fantastic all year around. The village is surrounded by forests, small lakes, rivers and creeks. When you go north you will find an open landscape with meadows, fields and very small villages.

Mullsjö is situated around the lake "Mullsjön". It is a 10 minutes

walk from the apartment in the older part of the village (close to the forests) to reach the village center.

In the center you will find the train- and bus station, tourist office, bank/bankomat, bakery, Systembolaget (wine & spirits), pizzerias/ restaurants, pharmacy and a health care center. Some more minutes of walk you will find ICA Supermarket (great range of food) Femman affärscentrum (a centre of various shops) and ingo (petrolstation). Ryfors Konfektyr (factory/shop of sweets).

Hotel Mullsjö with the restaurant Gretas Mat & Vin is situated on the other side of the lake. Around the lake you will find several small beaches to go for a nice swim bath and also some footpaths.

There is a public indoor swimming bath, just a 10 minutes walk from the apartment.

In Sweden we have the "Allemansrätt", feel free to go berrie- and mushroompicking in the woods.

If you need a taxi, Taxi Mullsjö is our neighbour just across the street.

To reach following, about 10 kilometers away, you need to go

by car:


Mullsjö Alpin (downhill skiing & cross country skiing)

Kyrkekvarn (canoeing/riding on Icelandic horses)

Ryfors Golfklubb (golfcourse)


Take a look at the link "To do", there are a lot of nice things around waiting for you in the ambient too...